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- Added Bakerstaffel's MLB 1967 update Player Photos v3

- Added american17P, american18P, ameriquest19P, ameriquest20P, astrodome9P, candlestick11P, Chase17P, citi10P, comerica17P, jacobs16P, jacobs17P, kauffman17P, kauffman18P, kauffman19P, Sicks3PA, Sicks3PB, turner15P, wrigley13P


- Added Bakerstaffel's MLB 1930 Player Photos v2
- Added Simarc's Colorized DeadBall Era Players Photos
- Added Simarc's 2012 MLB Player Baseball Cards
- Added MLB player PhotoPacks 2013, 1954 & 1953
- Fixed link to Jwisenberg's 1973 International League season
- Fixed link to NBA6162 Player Photos


- Added Ariscotle's NBA Player Photos

- Added Bakerstaffel's MLB player photos seasons 1946 & 1922 update

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