NBA 35th Anniversary Team

This all time team was announced in 30 October 1980 to celebrate the 35th Anniversary, also includes the 1966-1967 Philadelphia 76'ers. Includes read me file for additional information.

NBA 1946-47 Season
This is Bakerstaffel version of the 1946-1947 NBA season. Setup and information on this season included in the zip file.

NBA 1950-51 Season
This is Bakerstaffel version of the 1950-1951 NBA season. Setup and information on this season included in the zip file.

Also-Rans v1.2 (110 NCAA Teams/non-Final Four)

This is the cream of the College Crop who did not make the Final Four.. Read Me file included for more details.

NBA Original Eight
- 25th Anniversary Franchise Teams
This set includes the All time players for each team for the original 8 NBA teams. Players are rated for their best season with that team.
A text file with the roster is and schedule is included.

1997 NCAA Tournament Tree
This includes the 64 teams that comprise the field for the 1997 NCAA basketball championship. Includes Instructions and information on the teams.

ABL Basketball
This download includes American Basketball League roster set.for 1961 - 62 & 1962 - 63. This set also includes 6 Classic NBA/NBL teams. Courts and logos graphics are provided. Files on League information and install intructions included.

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NBA/ABA & NCAA Basketball


Bakerstaffel Basketball Downloads

NBA Freethrow Rules 1955 - Present PDF

Professional Basketball League of America

Obscure Pro Basketball League folded in December 1947, but included many future NBA Stars such as George Mikan, Paul Seymour, George Ratkovicz, and Noble Jorgensen. Most all players were stand-out NCAA players, please refer to the many included notepads enclosed with league folder.

The first real honest effort to have an NBA Bracket Tourney, between the 16 Greatest NBA Teams of all-time. No hooks or loops here, the teams were simply seeded by their Season Winning Pct.

Here are all of the Olympic Basketball Dream Teams 1992-2008, and the hypothetical Dream Teams (if NBA players were Included 1948-1988).

V1.2 has an updated 2004 Player Ratings (from default Action PC File). Included here are all of the Olympic Basketball Dream Teams 1992-2008,
and the hypothetical Dream Teams (if NBA players were Included 1948-1988).

This is a simulation of the game played in Hershey PA on March 2, 1962. Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 Points that night! I have made a few adjustments to the default player ratings and TO, Blk, Stl season totals, Game Stats are very accurate.

NBA 50 Greatest Players/50th Anniversary Team

This roster set includes the NBA's top 50 all time players (based on a vote in 1996) and a bonus 10 players. There are Six Teams altogether, with 10 Players each team, (the "Original 50 are Teams A thru E) TNT Bonus Team is labeled F. This file includes a read me file with more information. Very cool set!!!


















Steve Tate's 1970 basketball project based on the best 3 consecutive years for each player for a
specific franchise during the 70's
. 1970's

Bruenor's 1997 WNBA Season - For more info on this season vistit this Basketball Reference link.

Basketball Logos - A collection of ABA and NBA logos.

KJDelaney's NBA Logos - 30 current NBA Logos.

Adam Ginsburg's 2010-2011 NBA Logos & Jerseys (Readme file)

Steve Maraccini's NCAA Basketball Extra Teams
This is a collection of 135 NCAA Basketball teams from with 1960 Cincinnati to 2000 Temple teams. A great set of older NCAA basketball teams.

NBA Basketball Player Photo Packs

NBA5960 Player NBA6061 Player NBA6162 Player NBA6263 Player NBA6364 Player
NBA6465 Player NBA6566 Player NBA6566 Player NBA6667 Player NBA6768 Player
NBA6869 Player NBA0304 Player NBA0708 Player NBA0809 Player NBA0910 Player

- A ReadMe.txt file is included that includes install instructions and additional information.
- NBA5960 Player Photos through NBA6869 Player Photos are in Black and White
- NBA0304 Player Photos are a Bakerstaffel contribution.

Ariscotle's NBA Basketball Player Photos





NBA/ABL Courts and Logos

Below is a list of court and team logos downloads for use with Action PC Basketball.

Each NBA team has a home court that reflects changes in the team logo, free throw lane change (12' to 16' in 1964-65 season) or 2 point to 3 point shooting (1979-80 season). All NBA teams from 1950 to current are available.

One season version is available for all ABA and NCAA teams.

All NCAA teams have a 3 point line as use a current logo (The NCAA adopted the 19-foot, 9-inch line
nationally in 1986).

An example of the name format I used for the NBA: DetroitC0107.jpg equals Detroit Court, for the 2001 to 2007 seasons.

League Conference / Team / Season Court File Logo File
NBA 2005 - 2006 Season
  Central Conference
  Southeast Conference
  Northwest Conference
  Southwest Conference
  Pacific Conference
  Defunct Teams
ABA All Teams
NCAA Basketball Division 1 Conferences Court File Logo File
America East, Atlantic 10, Atlantic Coast, Atlantic Sun & Big 12
Big East, Big Sky, Big South, Big Ten & Big West
Colonial Athletic, Conference USA, Horizon, Independents & Ivy League
Metro Atlantic, Mid-American East, Mid-American West, Mid-Continent & Mid-Eastern
Missouri Valley, Mountain West, Northeast, Ohio Valley & Pacific Ten
Patriot League, Southeastern East, Southeastern West, Southern North & Southern South
Southland East, Southland West, Southwestern, Sun Belt East & Sun Belt West
Western Athletic & West Coast

Adam Ginsburg 's
30 NBA 2010-11 courts